flutiform administration

When treating asthma, choosing the right inhaler is important.1 Handling and inhalation errors may reduce the delivery of the treatment to the lungs,1,2 which may affect the level of control asthma patients achieve.3

Handling errors are common with all devices, and may contribute to suboptimal control.3 Therefore, selecting a device that is preferred by the patient (because of its ease of use) may improve asthma control in practice.1

The flutiform inhaler

The flutiform inhaler has the following features:

  • A colour-coded counter that indicates how many doses are left – it counts down in units of 10 from 120 to 60 and features a green background. From 60 to 0 it counts down in units of 5. When there are less than 50 puffs (actuations) the green background transitions into yellow and when there are less than 30 it gradually changes to red.
  • It can be used with a spacer and is recommended for use with the AeroChamber Plus®
  • A consistent fine particle fraction (FPF) of 40% across two inhalation rates
    • Fine particle (<5 µm) fraction was calculated as a percentage of the labelled dose4*

*in vitro studies. 

How to use the flutiform inhaler

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