Real-life efficacy

flutiform - real-life efficacy in asthma

In a non-interventional study, flutiform significantly improved Asthma Control Test™ scores after 1–6 months (p<0.001) versus baseline.1

Patients in this study reported improvements in:

  • Limitation on daily activities
  • Shortness of breath
  • Patient-rated asthma control
  • Night/early morning asthma symptoms
  • Rescue medication use

Patient numbers based on population at baseline and completers of study. At the time of the interim analysis 931 patients had completed month 1 follow-up, 761 month 3 follow-up and 567 month 6 follow-up.1 Interim analysis of 1,213 patients (safety population) and 986 patients (Full Analysis Population [FAP]). Study is planned to include 1,500 patients.1

flutiform offers treatment persistence for patients

In a retrospective real-world study, 92% of patients were still taking flutiform 12 months after it was prescribed2

Retrospective database study of the real-world dispensing of flutiform in the UK. Treatment persistence defined if one or more flutiform inhalers were dispensed within a three month period immediately preceding each analysis point at 6, 9 and 12 months, n=144.2

In another retrospective real-world study, 88% of patients successfully switched to flutiform from fluticasone propionate/salmeterol3,4

Retrospective database study of the real life effectiveness of flutiform in the UK. Change success defined as ≥70% of patients receiving ≥1 prescription of flutiform in the 6 months following therapy change (not including first prescription), n=164.3

1. Schmidt O et al. Poster Presentation P255. DGP Kongress 2015. 2. Roe R and Junor R. Poster Presentation. PCRS 2014. 3. Lim D et al. Abstract presented at International Primary Care Respiratory Group meeting, 21–24th May 2014, Athens, Greece. Abstract ORLB-008. 4. Hamill JM and Spyridon M. Abstract presented at the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK meeting, 26–27th September 2014, Hinckley, UK.

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